Donnie Rosencranz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
"I am honoured to work with the Corleone family."
Donnie Rosencranz[src]

Donnie Rosencranz was the proprietor of Midnight Rosie's.


A smooth-talking businessman and acquirer of rare items, Rosencranz began paying tribute to Bones Malpasto, who began a counterfeiting racket in Rosencranz's backrooms. Like many of the business-owners under the sway of the Tattaglias, Rosencranz had no real loyalty to the family, but his Brooklyn location forced him to endure.

In 1946, during the takeover of Brooklyn, Rosencranz's allegiances changed following a visit from enforcer Aldo Trapani.

Behind the scenesEdit

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