Estate View
Sky Lounge
Business information
Location Doria Airport
Family Neutral

The Sky Lounge was a section of the Doria Airport reserved for the richest and most influential passengers. During the Pacification of New York it was frequented by the assassins known as Il Cugino.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The various different rooms in the Sky Lounge can be upgraded to gain bonuses for Il Cugino. It features the following rooms:
  • Sky Lounge - Upgrade this establishment so Il Cugino can stash better attire.
  • Departure Doors - Upgrade the Departure Doors so Il Cugino can come back more quickly.
  • Captain's Bar - Upgrade the Captain’s Bar to increase Il Cugino’s attack.
  • Coffee Bar - Upgrade the Coffee cart to increase Il Cugino’s health.

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