Don Altobello
Eli Wallach
Biographical Information
Born December 7, 1915
Brooklyn, New York City
Died June 24, 2014
New York City
First The Godfather Part III
Portrayed Don Altobello

Eli Wallach was an American actor who portrayed Don Altobello in The Godfather Part III.


Eli Wallach GF3 set

Eli Wallach, Coppola and George Lucas on the Godfather III set.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1915, he became a staff-sergeant and medic in World War II, where he and his friends wrote a play called: Is This the Army? He later studied in the Actors Studio under Lee Strasberg.

In 1951, he won a Tony Award for his role in Rose Tattoo and his first film role was in Baby Doll. He later acheived critical acclaim by playing the villainous Calvera in The Magnificent Seven and later the roguish Tuco in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, believed to be one of his finest roles. He still acted until his passing in 2014, despite being in his nineties and received a Special Acheivement Award from the Academy in 2010.

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