Business information
Location Hester Street and Mott Street
Proprietor Emilio Brunetti
Proprietor Weakness Property damage
Maximum Protection $1,500
Racket Boss Frankie Fernetti
Racket Boss Weakness Melee attacks
Maximum Extortion $1,000
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Very easy
Family Tattaglia

Emilio's was a butcher's shop owned by Emilio Brunetti. Emilio's had been under the thumb of the Corleone family, but quickly changed hands in 1944, during the chaos of the war, when the Tattaglia family invaded Little Italy. Hoodlum Frankie Fernetti began a gambling racket in shop's upstairs floor.

Change of allegianceEdit

In 1945, Luca Brasi instructed Aldo Trapani to take over the butchers as a test for the young outsider. Trapani succeeded, and Emilio's became Corleone property once more. Soon after, following the attempted assassination of Vito Corleone, Mikey Saleri attempted to take back the butchers, but he was foiled and killed by Trapani in the back alley.
Emilio Brunetti2

Emilio Brunetti and Aldo Trapani.

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