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Enrico Gialdino
Biographical Information
Aliases Benny Gums
Gender Male
Affiliation Stracci
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joe Paulino (voice)
"It's a deal, the Corleones and I are partners from here on out."
―Benny Gialdino[src]

Enrico "Benny Gums" Gialdino was an associate of the Stracci family.


A hardcore associate of the family, Enrico gained a ruthless reputation in the Stracci family, and for this reason he was chosen by Donato Stracci to defend his section of the family's explosives racket.

Despite his reputation, Gialdino was muscled out of his business by Aldo Trapani in 1946.

Behind the ScenesEdit


The mustachioed model.

  • He was voiced by Joe Paulino.
  • In the original version of the game and the strategy guide he was known as Benny.
  • In later versions of the game he sports a moustache.

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