Enzo Aguello
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Sicily
Affiliation Corleone family
Title(s) Baker
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Gabriele Torrei
"If there is trouble, I stay here to help you. For your father – for your father."
―Enzo Aguello[src]

Enzo Aguello was a baker from Sicily and assistant of Nazorine.


Enzo Aguello was born in Sicily and enlisted in the Army during the Second World War. He was captured shortly before the fall of Mussolini and sent over to America to help the war effort, finding work with Nazorine, the Baker in Little Italy, New York.

During this time, Enzo became infatuated with Nazorine's daughter Katherine. When Enzo was about to be sent back to Sicily, Katherine pleaded with her father to let Enzo stay. Fearing that his daughter and Enzo would elope, or conceive a child, Nazorine visited his old friend Vito Corleone, who ensured Enzo would remain in the country.

After the Don was shot, Enzo went to visit him in hospital, only finding Michael Corleone alone in the building. As a gesture of thanks for the Godfather's actions, Enzo stood guard outside the hospital, risking his life for the Godfather. He fled once the would-be assassins departed and the police arrived.


Old enzo

Enzo at Michael Corleone's party.

After Nazorine retired in the 1950s, Enzo took over his bakery. Later, in gratitude for his services, Michael made Enzo head pastry chef at one of the family's top Las Vegas casinos, Castle in the Clouds. In 1979 when Michael received the Order of St. Sebastian, Enzo prepared an enormous cake for the celebrations.

Behind the scenesEdit

In both films Enzo was played by Gabriele Torrei.


  • The surname Aguello isn't a genuine Italian name and is likely derived from the more common Sicilian name Augello. Canonically speaking, it could be that Aguello's name was spelled wrong by an immigration clerk at Ellis Island, something that was quite common when immigrants entered the United States in the early twentieth century.

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