Fabio Satriani & Son
Business information
Location 4th Street and Newark Street, New Jersey
Proprietor Fabio Satriani
Proprietor Weakness Property Damage
Maximum Protection $3,000
Racket Boss Bennie the Boat
Racket Boss Weakness Using Firearms
Maximum Extortion $2,000
Venue Difficulty Hard
Racket Difficulty Easy
Family Stracci

A butcher shop run by Fabio Satriani, this business was feared due to Satriani's reputation as the 'Butcher of New Jersey', who disposed of all the Straccis victims in his meat grinder. Upstairs, cardshark Bennie the Boat ran a gambling operation which was seen as pretty lightweight by the family, but was maintained in order to maintain good relations with Satriani.

In 1948, the Corleone family made a move on New Jersey, and Satrianis was taken over by Aldo Trapani.

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