Falcone crime family
In: Los Angeles
Founded by: Frank Falcone
Years active: 1920s-present
Territory: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno
Ethnicity: Italian, Italian-American
Criminal activities: Racketeering, prostitution, extortion, drug trafficking, pornography, murder
Allies: Molinari family, Corleone family, Barzini family, Chicago Outfit

The Falcone crime family was a criminal organization in Los Angeles and was led by Don Frank Falcone and later Ignazio Pignatelli.

The Falcone family controlled the movie unions and the gambling at the Hollywood studios plus a complex of pipeline prostitution that supplied girls to the whorehouses of the states in the Far West. They were an ally of the Molinari and Chicago families.

When Frank Falcone was killed during an airplane crash, which was sabotaged by Michael Corleone, he was succeeded by his underboss Ignazio Pignatelli.[1]

Falcone family structure (1930s-1955)Edit

 Don Frank Falcone 

 Underboss Ignazio Pignatelli

 Consigliere Unknown

 Caporegime Frank Romano

 Soldato Unknown

 Caporegime Unknown

 Soldato Richard Aspromonte

 Soldato Gussie Cicero

Falcone family structure (1955-1963)Edit

 Don Ignazio Pignatelli 

 Underboss Frank Romano

 Consigliere Unknown

 Caporegime Unknown

 Soldato Gussie Cicero

Falcone family structure (1963-1979)Edit

 Don Frank Romano 

 Underboss Unknown

 Consigliere Unknown

 Caporegime Gussie Cicero

 Soldato Unknown


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. In the storyline of The Godfather Returns.

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