Falene Fante
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 1972
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Sarah Stavrou
"Well, I never understood the fuss people make about sex. It's no hardship for me. I don't do drugs, I don't drink a lot. I have to have a little fun."
―Falene Fante[src]

Falene Fante was an actress who made her speaking debut in Messalina.


A Hollywood starlet who found it necessary to sleep her way into pictures, she auditioned as a body double for Athena Aquitane despite the two having completely different skin tones. Due to being attracted to her, Bobby Bantz hired her anyway.

After MessalinaEdit

Despite the interest shown to her by the male heads of the studios, Falene had a night of passion with director Dita Tommey, whom she claimed was the first person in Hollywood she had slept for for fun rather than business, though this also cemented her a speaking role in the production, and the two became good friends.

Shortly afterwards, Falene informed Cross De Lena that Hugh Marlowe, the man who supposedly killed his father, had been petrified of guns and was thus very unlikely to have been involved. It was this information that eventually led to Cross discovering his father's true murderer, his own cousin Dante.

Behind the scenesEdit

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