Fausto Dominick Geraci, Sr.
Biographical Information
Aliases The Driver
Gender Male
Born Milazzo, Sicily, Italy
Died 1963[1]
Affiliation Forlenza family
Title(s) Enforcer

Fausto Dominick "The Driver" Geraci, Sr. was an enforcer of the Forlenza family and father of Nick Geraci.


Fausto Geraci was a truck driver with ties to Vincent Forlenza in Cleveland and saw his son Nick embrace his criminal lifestyle after being named as Don Forlenza's godson. Geraci Sr. eventually retired, but would occasionally perform tasks for the family. His first wife passed away and Geraci remained unmarried until the early Sixties, when he married a Mexican woman named Conchita from Taxco.

In 1963, Geraci received a visit from Al Neri and his nephew Thomas, who interrogated him about the wherabouts of his fugitive son. Geraci refused to talk, and eventually died from his injuries.

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