Fernando Riviera
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Barzini family
Corleone family
Title(s) Hotel manager
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
"Pleasure doin' buisness with you."
―Fernando Riviera[src]

Fernando Riviera was the owner of The Carnegie Club.


A shady and mysterious character and a tough customer, but one who knew the importance of keeping friends in high places. He was a close friend of Emilio Barzini, Jr., and ran the Club as Barzini's social club.

Five Families WarEdit

The family also sent several of its men to the matresses here during the Five Families War. Due to The Carnegie Club being located near to the Barzini Compound it was rarely targeted by other familes.

Following the War, Riviera was convinced into giving over protection from his hotel to the Corleones.

Behind the scenesEdit

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