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First Trapani - Almeida War
Date: 1959
Place: Florida
Outcome: Almeidas lost 2 member
Major Battles: Assassination of Alejandro Almeida
Assassination of Hector Santos

Trapani crime family

Almeida crime family


Dominic's made men

Alejandro Almeida
Hector Santos
Perry Olsen

First Almeida War is the war in miami conflict. this war Started after of death of Alejandro Almeida. ended with after of death of Hector Santos.

Background Edit

Henry Mitchell was want find who is the behind of airport scandal, and this is Alejandro Almeida later dominic interrogated Perry Olsen, later he teached location of Alejandro Almeida and he killed him. days later Dominic dealed with Charlie Green and he killed Hector Santos.

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