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Flowers of Scotland
Business information
Location 37th Street and Lexington Avenue
Proprietor Ross 'Scottie' Harris
Proprietor Weakness Leans
Maximum Protection $2,345
Racket Boss Tino Bondsagna
Racket Boss Weakness Threatening with Firearms
Maximum Extortion $1,995
Venue Difficulty Medium
Racket Difficulty Easy
Family Stracci,Corleone

In 1945 Ross 'Scottie' Harris and Tino Bondsagna is forced to pay money to the Corleone's.Flowers of Scotland was a flowershop in Midtown, run by Ross 'Scottie' Harris. It orginally housed a small independent brothel, while Harris paid his tributes to the Corleones, but in 1945, Stracci hoodlum Tino Bondsagna took over the brothel and the Corleone's cut.

It was until 1945 that the Corleones were able to regain control of the business, this time taking a cut from the brothel as well.

This brothel is named after Scotland's anthem.