"Fast" Frankie Berberi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Cuneo (ties)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Adam Harrington (voice)
"No more, I'll pay!"
―Frankie Berberi[src]

'Fast' Frankie Berberi was the proprietor of Smoke Signals in Little Italy.


"I feel safer knowing the Corleones are on my side."
―Frankie Berberi[src]

Known as a smooth operator, Berberi was famed across the city for selling cigars that were 'out of this world'. He was in cahoots with Cuneo family associate Manny Calamari, who like most Cuneos, was not seeking to gain territory, but was vicious when slighted.

In 1945, Berberi changed allegiances after a visit from the Corleone family.

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