Frankie Caruso
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Cuneo family
Corleone family
Title(s) Bar owner
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joe Paulino (voice)
"I'll pay."
―Frankie Caruso[src]

Frankie Caruso was the owner of Caruso! in Hell's Kitchen.


The frontsman for the secret Cuneo racket operating out of the club's basement, Frankie Caruso was a tight-lipped individual who had been selected in order for utmost secrecy to be maintained about the racket, which eventually led to Artie Manzanero in the West Port Warehouse.

In the Five Families War, Caruso kept his head down and avoided becoming involved in the firefight between Aldo Trapani, Sonny Corleone and the Cuneos, although his club was later taken over by Trapani following Manzanero's defection.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was voiced by Joe Paulino.

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