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Freddie Faustino
Biographical Information
Aliases Slickfinger
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia family
Corleone family
Title(s) Hotel manager
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
"Just wait til I tell the cops about this!"
―Freddie Faustino[src]

Freddie 'Slickfinger' Faustino was the owner of the Providence Hotel in Hell's Kitchen.


Known for his smooth operating style, Faustino appeared tough but was known to "fold like a busted straight" if put under pressure. This attribute proved to be his undoing when the Tattaglia family made an ill-advised move into Hell's Kitchen and set up a brothel in Faustino's hotel under the thumb of Gloria Dellamonte.

However, during the Five Families War, the Corleones made a move on Hell's Kitchen and used the Providence as a base, gaining Faustino's allegiance in the process.

Personality and traitsEdit

Of an Italian-African background, Faustino had a smooth style and friends amongst the cops, but was known to fold easily under pressure.

Behind the scenesEdit

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