Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Montelepre, Sicily, Italy
Died 1949
Montelepre, Sicily, Italy
Title(s) Barber
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Trevor Ray
"Your godson is wounded, that's terrible."
"It's no more terrible than one of your haircuts.
Hector Adonis and Frisella[src]

Frisella was a barber in Montelepre.



Frisella operates on he wounded Giuliano.

Known as the village buffoon, Frisella was the barber for Mayor Guido Quintana as well as most of the town. He also provided blood-letting, saving Salvatore Giuliano after he had been shot by the carabinieri.



Frisella faces death.

However, he also helped Commander Roccofino spy on the local banditry by repoting the gossip and information he picked up from day to day. When this fact was discovered by Giuliano, who had been informed by Canio Silvestro, he shot the barber to death in the public square, leaving behind a note, "So die all who betray Giuliano." This act also proved Silvestro's loyalty to the cause.

He was survived by his wife and young son, who he left his gold watch and shoes to. They were provided for by Giuliano.

Behind the scenesEdit

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