Gabriel villa
Gabriel Villa
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Corleone
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
Bruce Robertson (voice)
"I've got things covered. Give my respects to the Godfather."
―Gabriel Villa[src]

Gabriel Villa was a tailor from Little Italy and proprietor of Gabriel Villa's Quality Tailoring.


Of Argentinean descent, Gabriel was the Corleone family's official tailor, who also allowed them to use his backroom for impromptu meetings, such as on New Year's Eve 1945, when the family prepared to visit Rosa Morelli's party.

He was fiercely loyal, and managed to shake off the Tattaglia family's attempts to muscle him out of his tribute, which earned him the respect and protection of the Corleones.

Behind the scenesEdit

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