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Gian-Carlo Coppola
Gian-Carlo Coppola
Biographical Information
Born September 17, 1963
Los Angeles, California
Died May 26, 1986
Annapolis, Maryland, USA
First The Godfather
Portrayed Andrew Hagen

Gian-Carlo Coppola was an American film producer.


Coppola was born in Los Angeles, the son of Eleanor Coppola and famed film director Francis Ford Coppola. As the eldest Coppola sibling, he was older brother to Roman and Sofia.

Like his brother and sister, Gian-Carlo—known to his family and friends as Gio—often featured in his father's movies as background characters.

In The Godfather, he appeared as Andrew Hagen.


Coppola was killed in a speedboating accident in May 1986 at the age of 22 in Annapolis, Maryland. Griffin O'Neal, who was piloting the boat, had attempted to pass between two slow-moving boats, failing to realize in his haste that both boats were connected by a towline. While O'Neal barely had time to duck, Coppola was struck and killed.

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