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Giorgio Clericuzio
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1942
Affiliation Clericuzio
Title(s) Soldato
Acting Don
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by David Marciano

Giorgio Clericuzio was the son of Domenico Clericuzio, last descendant of a powerful dynasty of Sicilian mafiosi.


After a career as a soldier and caporegime (known as a bruglione or baron) in the family, Giorgio was called together with his brothers, Vincent and Petie, and his cousin Pippi De Lena, to exterminate Mafia family members of the Santadio family in Palm Springs, guilty of the death of Silvio, the youngest son of Don Domenico.


In 1965 he was directed to the Wharton School of business, where he learned the secrets of high finance and capital management. After his studies, Don Domenico sent him to work on Wall Street, where the money of the mafiosi was laundered. He later taught these arts to his cousin Cross and nephew Dante.


When his father died he became the new Don, but later handed this position over to his cousin Croccifixio as a series of incidents occurred which resulted in the deaths of several members of the family, including Vincent, Petie and Cross's wife Athena Aquitane.

Personality and traitsEdit

With an Anglo-Saxon appearance, Giorgio was stoic and rigorous, reserved and of few words. He was the only one able to exercise a certain ascendant on his father, showing on several occasions his ferocity, but nobody was able to guess his thoughts and intentions, making him an opponent of which it was impossible to prevent his moves.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the series he was played by David Marciano.

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