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Global Storage
Business information
Location Flamingo, Miami
Proprietor Jim Bob Hancock
Proprietor Weakness Slams and Leans
Venue Difficulty Hard
Family Mangano

Global Storage was a business in Miami, Florida run by Jim Bob Hancock. It was part of the Chop Shop crime ring. The bridge entrance was guarded by Joe Soto.

Under ManganoEdit

Samuele Mangano bought this warehouse in 1959 in order to export cars back to Sicily. Under the advice of Don Michael Corleone, Dominic created an alliance between his family and Mangano's.


After two unknown assassins attacked Dominic and Fredo Corleone at Dominic's home in Miami, Fredo convinced him that they were sent by Mangano. In response to this, Dominic attacked Mangano at Global Storage, Mangano's only racket in the United States. He succeeded in taking it over. However, Mangano was outraged and, as an act of revenge, he took over a series of Corleone businesses. The takeover of Global Storage was the start of the Trapani - Mangano War.