Global Trading Company
Business information
Location Adam Street and Front Street
Proprietor Moley Christensen
Proprietor Weakness Heavy Punches
Maximum Protection $750
Racket Boss Jack Dougan
Racket Boss Weakness Throws, Slams and Leans
Maximum Extortion $2,000
Venue Difficulty Very Easy
Racket Difficulty Easy
Family Tattaglia

Global Trading was one of two Global Trading Company outlets in New York City, the other being located in Little Italy. It was run by Moley Christensen.

Christensen freely allowed 'Irish' Jack Dougan to run his liquor racket from the building's storage room due to his foolish admiration for the Tattaglia family. Dougan's drinking nearly sank the business, and it was only saved by the intervention of the Corleone family, who took over management in 1946.

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