Global Trading Company
Business information
Location Prince Street and Center Street
Proprietor Moose T. Gamille
Proprietor Weakness Threatening with Punches
Maximum Protection $745
Racket Boss Mario Martino
Racket Boss Weakness Leans
Maximum Extortion $995
Venue Difficulty Very easy
Racket Difficulty Very easy
Family Tattaglia,Cuneo crime family,Corleone

In 1945 Moose T. Gamille and Mario Martino is forced to pay money to the Corleones.One of two Global Trading locations, this outlet was also part of the Tattaglia family's liquor racket, legitimately owned by Moose T. Gamille, but privately controlled by hustler Mario Martino, also known as 'Mario the Mangler'. Like most Tattaglia owned businesses, Global Trading was not particularly well controlled and the family had to pull a few favours with Cuneo soldato Bobby Marcolini to keep it running.

In 1945, the Company was finally taken down by the Corleone family during the re-taking of Little Italy, and added to their empire.