Granados Compound
Business information
Location Palmetto, Miami
Proprietor Rico Granados
Racket Boss Rico Granados
Family Granados

The Granados Compound was a large Spanish like mansion located in the Palmetto district of Miami. It was the home of Don Rico Granados.

Rico Granados built the Mansion himself in 1948 after he created his Crime Family. Rico Granados is known to have buried 15 people in the grounds of his mansion most of them being disloyal guards and traitors.

In 1959, at the very beginning of the Trapani - Granados War, Dominic and his made men came to Miami to meet Hyman Roth, who wanted the Granados destroyed. Dominic took over all Granados rackets and killed all of Don Rico Granados' made men. Finally, the Granados Compound was raided and blown up, later becoming property of the Corleones when the rebuilding was done.

Granados compound blew up

The Granados compound is destroyed.

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