Hector Adonis
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Malo clan
Title(s) Professor
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Richard Bauer
"He was his own father. He invented himself."
―Hector Adonis[src]

Hector Adonis was a professor of Literature in the University of Palermo and godfather to Salvatore Giuliano.


A diminutive man, Adonis was an elegantly-dressed and extremely intelligent academic, who even commanded influence amongst the Mafia. He loved and cared for his godson Guiliano, whom he taught literature in his childhood and for whom he often brought many books to read while visiting him. He was a particular expert on the works of Dante.

Adonis and the DonEdit

Don Croce Malo and Adonis were good friends, because it was Croce who recomended Adonis to new jobs, during the time when Salvatore Giuliano felt betrayed by Croce. He also help the Don's nephew gain a job as a doctor, despite the protests of Doctor Nattore.

He was later present at the funeral of Giuliano and held a speech about how the don loved him.

Behind the scenesEdit

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