Herriman Katz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Barzini
Title(s) Nightclub Owner
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Adam Harrington (voice)
"I have no problem paying for Corleone protection."
―Herriman Katz[src]

Herriman Katz was the owner of Chateau Toledo in Midtown.


A former hustler, Katz realised how profitable it would be to have his club protected by the Barzinis in the Forties, and allowed Freddie Fattorini to operate out of his club. The two were known to be incredibly polite, but willing to get their hands dirty in a struggle.

In the Fifties, the Corleone family began making subtle advances on Midtown, and despite a physical struggle, Katz was forced to change his allegiance when Aldo Trapani visited his club.

Behind the scenesEdit

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