Holden Warehouse
Business information
Location West 24th Street and Chelsea Street
Proprietor Vito Corleone
Family Corleone family

The Holden Warehouse was formerly the Corleone family's main source of export in Hell's Kitchen, but normal trading activity here was ceased, only to be opened when the cargo inside was needed.


In 1947, The Five Families War was raging and the warehouse was closely watched by Salvatorre Stracci, the Stracci family's underboss. When the warehouse opened, Stracci stormed it with several men, placing bombs around the premises. However, he was unable to complete his mission, for the Corleones arrived at the right moment, and Aldo Trapani executed Stracci.

Sometime after, the Tattaglia assassins who murdered Sonny Corleone sent the Tollbooth Attendant here for his own safety. Trapani infiltrated the building, killed the attendants guards and discovered where the remaining assassins had fled to.

After the warEdit

The Warehouse remained sealed for the next few years, eventually becoming a hideout and emergency planning location for Corleone enforcers.

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