Hotel Madison
Business information
Location 49th Street and Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan
Proprietor Eileen Rockefeller
Proprietor Weakness Threatening Innocents
Maximum Protection $2,245
Racket Boss Willy 'Pimpy' Palermino
Racket Boss Weakness Threatening With Firearms
Maximum Extortion $4,995
Venue Difficulty Medium
Racket Difficulty Very Hard
Family Barzini,Corleone

In 1945 Eileen Rockefeller and Willy Palermino is forced to pay money to pay money to the Corleones.Hotel Madison was one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in Midtown Manhattan, officially owned by Eileen Rockefeller. Due to it's level of luxury and it's central location, the hotel was chosen by Don Emilio Barzini, Sr. as his personal office. In times of crisis it could also house the Barzini underboss and other important guests. During the thirties, when times were hard, the Barzini family was forced to open up a sizeable brothel in the hotel to earn money, and the operation was so successful that it was continued, under the direction of Emilio Barzini, Jr.

Don Barzini's office was located on the top floor behind re-inforced double doors, and the building was defended by twelve heavily armed guards. In order to disguise the nature of the establishment, Barzini passed it off as a legitimately owned and run hotel. Due to the twelve guards that patrolled it, the Hotel was one of the hardest buildings to storm, but Don Barzini was rarely to be found in his office, and most of his day-to-day business was run by brothel manager, Willy Palermino. However, Palermino was forced in the early 1945s, sensing the imminent downfall of the Barzini Family.