Ignazio Pignatelli
Biographical Information
Aliases Jackie Ping-Pong
Gender Male
Died 1963[1]
Affiliation Falcone family
Title(s) Underboss

Ignazio "Jackie Ping-Pong" Pignatelli was the underboss and later Don of the Falcone crime family.


Ignazio Pignatelli started off as a hoodlum in Chicago, under Al Capone, before following his friend Frank Falcone to Los Angeles, where he became Falcone's underboss. During this time he became good friends with Gussie Cicero, one of the family's soldati, and rising singer Johnny Fontane.

In 1955, Pignatelli became aware of the Corleone family's frustrations with Falcone, and sent them a large satchel money 'in gratitude' for having him killed in a plane crash. Pignatelli became the new family Don, but later had to step down for health reasons, and he died shortly afterwards.

Personality and traitsEdit

A jovial and friendly man on the surface, Pignatelli's outward display of friendliness masked an ambitious core, something that could be seen by his willingness to help the Corleones kill his friend Falcone so that he could be the new Don.

Notes and referencesEdit

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