Jack Fontana
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1897
Died 1950
Affiliation Stracci
Title(s) Consigliere
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
"I'm gonna tear your eyes out and piss in the sockets!"
―Jack Fontana to Aldo Trapani[src]

Jack Fontana was the Stracci family's consigliere.


Fontana was a violent man like the rest of his family, who was known to have a vigilant army guards protecting him whenever he went out on the streets.

His position was leaked by a street informant to the Corleone family, who sent enforcer Aldo Trapani to deal with Fontana. Trapani fought his way past the guards, who were defending Fontana at his hideout beneath the expressway, and he was strangled to death on New Year's Day of 1950.

He was suceeded as consigliere by Elio Nunziato.

Personality and traitsEdit

An intelligent but violent man, Fontana was known to back up his bluster with vicious reprisals against enemies of the Family or those who had personally slighted him. Unlike the consiglieres for most families, he was willing to go personally on hits.

Hit Detail Edit

Jack Fontana is one of the most challenging hit from the Stracci, as hitting him will make you have to dive deep inside the enemy's area first. As soon as you strangle him, don't let go as it will cause more trouble to release and strangle him again as Fontana will fought you back with a Magnum as soon as he is free. In addition, his guards are as strong as Barzini generics.

In the original he has a few guards and can be seeing partying near a house garage, the number of guards wouldn't bother you much even though they have stronger AIs. But in the later version, he has a lot bodyguards and his hangout is in a storage area, making it harder to get to him and his bodyguards may attack you the seconds they saw you.

Alternate versionsEdit

In the original version of the video game, Fontana's death is identical to that of Nicholas Klaus in subsequent editions. He even had Klaus' model in the original version. In the next-gen version, he uses a different pedestrian model.