Jaime Agassiz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Chief of police
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ed Martin (voice)
"You Americanos think we have no respect for order here in Cuba, but you are mistaken; Cubanos respect it very much. They respect me, y mis hombres."
―Jaime Agassiz[src]

Jaime Agassiz was the chief of police stationed in Havana, Cuba


Agassiz was a man of respect, during Castro's revolution, he introduced himself to Dominic, as he knew him as an American. He respects the law, but for him, protection from police was to be earned, or paid for, and Baltasar Trelles, the owner of Battaglia Cement Factory did neither of them, so he asked Dominic to do him a favor, blow up his depot, in return, Dominic is given a sting against the Almeida Family.

Behind the scenesEdit

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