James Scaleri
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1905
Died 1948
Affiliation O'Donnell Mob
Title(s) Underboss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Chris Robson (voice)
"You should have stayed in Chicago Scaleri, New York's our turf!"
"Not anymore, we're taking over this town!
Aldo Trapani and James Scaleri[src]

James Scaleri was a underboss of the O'Donnell Mob.


Younger Brother of Carlos, Twin brother of Raymond, Older Brother of Earl, James became a underboss in the Capone mob under Patrick O'Donnell, later he and Ray were eventually arrested but their older brother Carlos and their younger brother Earl were killed by chicago police chief in gunfight.

When they were released, the Scaleris arrived in New York City to avenge their boss who had been killed by Aldo Trapani, under orders from Police sergeant Chris Ferriera. However, Trapani blew up their truck and they died the way they lived - together.

Hit detail

Ray and James is the only double hit target you will face in the game, thus creating the infamous bonus hit condition to kill them at the same time, make sure you prepare explosive weapons to do the job. The Scaleris are not as tough as their Don, Patrick O'Donnell but still have high amount of health and fast recovery time. Although Dynamites and Bombs are stronger, it's more recommended to use Molotovs which explodes instantly since their recovery time may give them time to escape the explosion.

Behind the scenes

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