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Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Boxer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Bruce Robertson (voice)
"Hey, wanna go a few rounds?"

Jimmy was a boxer from Midtown.


A friend of Maggie McCracken, Jimmy often took on competitors on the upper floor of Maggie's flower shop Palladio Willow. Before encountering Aldo Trapani, Jimmy had just defeated a Tattaglia soldato. Aldo then challenged and defeated Jimmy in a boxing match.

Maggie couldnt belive that Jimmy had been beaten and saw Aldo Trapani meant business and offered a cut of her earnings to him.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Jimmy does not appear in the original version of The Godfather: The Game.
  • Though his name is Jimmy, sometimes a very different name will be writen under his health bar.

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