Joe Foley's
Business information
Location 5th Street and Newark Street
Proprietor Joe Foley
Proprietor Weakness Threatening With Firearms
Maximum Protection $3,000
Racket Boss Louis Secondi
Racket Boss Weakness Hand-to-hand strikes
Maximum Extortion $4,000
Venue Difficulty Hard
Racket Difficulty Hard
Family Stracci

Operating from the former site of Rosie Rosen's Saloon, owned by its namesake, Joe Foley. It was known as the toughest bar in New Jersey, largely due to the presence of Louis 'Lips' Secondi, who ran a gold racket for the Stracci family in the basement.

During the Five Families War, Aldo Trapani took down the bar and eliminated Secondis henchmen, replacing them with men loyal to Vito Corleone. A salesmen was known to ocassionally frequent this bar, selling the Lupara Semi-Automatic shotgun.

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