Joey Katz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Robert Ernst (voice)
"Hey I know you... you're that wiseguy from New York!"
―Joey Katz[src]

Joey Katz was an official from the ATF, the federal agency which is in charge of preventing crimes concerning alcohol, tobacco and firearms in the US.


Not much is known about Katz, except that he knew Hyman Roth. He gained Dominic's trust by placing a sting on Tony Rosato's family in return for a favor.

Katz had proof that the owner of one of the Basso Oil gas stations was smuggling nitroglycerin in his fuel trucks. Problem was, however, that he could not get a warrent to such the place. So, he asked Dominic to blow up one of Basso's gas stations. That way, he could claim probable cause that his people had explosives hidden on-site. In return for blowing up the gas station, Katz put a sting on one of Dominic's enemies.

Behind the scenesEdit

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