Johnny Conger's
Business information
Location Water Street and Washington Street
Proprietor Johnny Conger
Proprietor Weakness Grabs and Strangles
Maximum Protection $2,995
Racket Boss "Blue Eyes" Burako
Racket Boss Weakness Using Firearms
Maximum Extortion $2,995
Venue Difficulty Hard
Racket Difficulty Medium
Family Barzini,Corleone

In 1945 Johnny Conger and Bernardo Burako is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Johnny Conger's was a small fishmongers in New Jersey, owned by and named after Johnny Conger. It specialised in Norwegian bluefish. Conger was brought under the thumb of the Barzini family in the 1940s, but he was seen to be the true power in his store, despite the presence of enforcer Bernardo Burako.

However, despite Johnny's tough-as-nails attitude, his property was seized by the Corleone family in the late 1945s.