Johnny Salazar
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1925
Died 1959
Miami, Florida, U.S.
Affiliation Granados
Title(s) Caporegime
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Vic Polizos (voice)

Johnny Salazar was a caporegime for the Granados crime family.


Nothing known about Johnny Salazar's earlier life. His Father was Mexican and His Mother was Spanish. As a youth, Salazar was a Butcher's apprentice and part of Stanley Jimenez's regime the skills he learnt there he put to good use when disposing of corpses. Salazar was believe to the Granados Senior Caporegime seen he had no soldiers under his command but formerly he has 1 soldato and this soldato is Gerardo Granados, but all of enforcers are under his command. His regime was kept in reserve and defend members of the Granados Family, including the Don Rico Granados, holding a 'safety-valve' position similar to that of Salvatore Tessio for the Corleone family.

During the war against the Corleones in 1959, Johnny was killed by Dominic after being burned by several Molotov Cocktails at a Multi-Story Car Park in Miami.

Behind the scenesEdit

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