Juan-Pablo Del Monte
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ed Martin (voice)
"Justice may have been perverted that day, but my will was not. Find this man, and teach him the true meaning of brutalidad."
―Juan Pablo Del-Monte[src]

Juan-Pablo Del Monte was a corrupt member of Fidel Castro's cabinet.


After Castro took over, Del Monte was given a high position in his cabinet, which he used to his advantage. However, he was unable to stop a corrupt police sergeant from escaping jail and asked for the assistance of Dominic Corleone in getting revenge.

In return, Del Monte promised to make sure that if any of Dominic's men were arrested, they would be released.

Business is businessEdit

A short while later, Del Monte asked for Dominic's assistance again, this time over a business plan of his which had been stolen by Pepe Socarras, manager of the Casino Imperial. Dominic smashed up the Casino and Socarras withdrew his new venture.

Behind the scenesEdit

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