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This article is about the real-life figure. You may be looking for the film character.
Justina Ferra
Biographical Information
Gender Female

Justina Ferra was the wife of Salvatore Giuliano.


Born and raised in Palermo, she was the sister of the union leader of Silvio Ferra and daughter of Caesaro Ferra. She was married to Giuliano in 1948 by the Abbot Manfredi and was planned to be moved over to the United States with her husband by Vito Corleone, but Giuliano was killed before the transfer could happen.

Justina had already moved to America in anticipation of her husband's arrival and it was here that she remained.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hot-headed and passionate, Justina wildly supported her brother's cause and stood by Giuliano when he continued to fight for the rights of the people.

Behind the scenesEdit

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