Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation USDJ
Title(s) Senator
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by William Bowers
Rick Pasqualone (voice)

Senator Kane was a United States senator who member of the senate investigations against the Corleone family. He was part of a committee including Senators Rogers, King, Weekler, Patrick Geary and attorney Questadt.


Senator Kane could be based on U.S. Senator John McClellan as the trial that Michael was going through is based on the Valachi Hearings, also known as the McClellan Hearings. During these hearings McClellan investigated organized crime activities across America. Frank Pentangeli's testimony is also based on that of Joe Valachi's which took place at the McClellan Hearings.

Behind the scenesEdit


From left to right: Senator Kane, Senator Rogers and Senator Geary in the game.

In the film he is portrayed by William Bowers, whilst in the game adaptation he is played by Rick Pasqualone.

In the game, his design is the same as Hector Santos.

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