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Kenyon Yard Hub
Business information
Location New Jersey Rail Yards
Proprietor Cecil Brinker
Racket Boss Salvatore Stracci
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Family Stracci

The Kenyon Yard Hub was a large structure and Stracci rail hub positioned in the railyards of New Jersey and owned by the Stracci family. It was positioned next to the Stracci Compound which made it virtually impregnable to raids by the police or the other families. The hub's owner was Cecil Brinker.

In 1947, the Corleone associate Aldo Trapani was sent here to kill Cuneo Caporegime Michael Costa in the rail yards, running him over with a car despite his many guards.

In 1949, the Hub came under attack from the Corleone family. Brinker was bought out, the Straccis defeated, and their out-of-town rail operations ceased. The nearby compound soon followed, signalling the fall of the Straccis in New York.