Kian Jameson
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Serge Houde
"Gee, I thought you were just gonna MOVE the car!"
―Kian Jameson[src]

Kian Jameson was the owner of The Full Moon club in Brooklyn.


Irish-born owner Kian Jameson immigrated in US during the Thirties where he established his nightclub in the heart of Brooklyn. Unfortunately, this choice of location caused Jameson to fall under the thumb of Tattaglia hoodlum Benny Blazes, who he paid tribute to without feeling any real sense of loyalty.

Disliking the flashy nature of the Tattaglia hoodlums and the Mobster scene of Brooklyn altogether, Kian simply wished to run his business quietly. He is shown as timid and cautious when Aldo reveals he blew up his neighbour's Car, but accepted that the job was done in the end.

In the mid-Forties, Aldo Trapani paid Jameson a visit, and the club owner offered him the tribute owed to the Tattaglias if he would moved their delivery truck from the club's back alley. Trapani complied, and Jameson began to pay him instead of Blazes.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was voiced by Serge Houde.

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