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Lefty Mancuso
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Died 1955[1]
Affiliation Molinari family
Title(s) Soldato

Lefty Mancuso was a soldato and bodyguard for Anthony Molinari.


Known by the other dons as being adept in karate, Mancuso accompanied Don Molinari to important events such as the sit-down in 1948 and the meeting with Vincent Forlenza at Lake Erie in 1955. It was on this trip that he, Molinari, Frank Falcone and his bodyguard Richard Aspromonte were all killed in a plane crash that spared only the pilot, Nick Geraci.

Mancuso's funeral was attended by several members of the Molinari family, as well as Joe DiMaggio's younger brother.

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