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Leroy Petriboni
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1929
Affiliation Trapani
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Callum Grant
"If you wanna knock open a store, theres a sweet little number running the show... well thats when you want me around. She'll give you whatever you want."
―Leroy Petriboni[src]

Leroy Petriboni was a soldato in the Trapani crime family.


Multitalented and somewhat arrogant, Petriboni was both a safecracker and an engineer. He also had an expert weapons license. His favourite hangout was in a building next to the Jersey Sports Bar in Miami, Florida where he had been dispatched to during the Trapani - Granados War.


It is possible that Clyde, James and Norman Petriboni are related to him in some way.

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