Business information
Location Main Street and Plymouth Street
Proprietor Lofty the Loaf
Proprietor Weakness Throws, Slams and Leans
Maximum Protection $3,000
Racket Boss Gregor Reisdorfiev
Racket Boss Weakness Jabs and Punches
Maximum Extortion $3,000
Venue Difficulty Hard
Racket Difficulty Medium
Family Barzini crime family

Liberto's was a bakery in Brooklyn, owned by Lofty the Loaf. It was also home to part of the Barzini family's diamond racket, managed by Gregor 'The Russian' Reisdorfiev.

Although it gained a reputation as a difficult location to takeover, Aldo Trapani managed to win Liberto's over for the Corleone family sometime after the attempt on Vito Corleone's life.

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