Louisiana Dobber
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Cuneo
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Alison Ewing (voice)
"It's a small price to pay for peace in this neighbourhood."
Louisiana Dobber[src]

Louisiana Dobber was the owner of The Colonial Tavern in Hell's Kitchen.


Considered to be rather attractive, Dobber used her considerable charm to get herself set up in Hell's Kitchen, backed by the Cuneo crime family and one of their toughest associates, Noodles Rizzoni. Dobber made a good living for herself, but disliked the noise and danger that her neighbourhood brought with it.

She felt Rizzioni was blunt and scared away the upper class clientele she craved, one of the key supporters of the Corleone Family after their takeover of Hell's Kitchen, as an old woman she eventually sold her tavern and moved to the country, tired of the noise of New York and the aggression of gangsters.

In the early Fifties, Dobber was bought out by Aldo Trapani who she was happy with, especially due to his own good looks.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was voiced by Alison Ewing.

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