Vlcsnap-2010-06-20-22h37m35s71 "Eh, come here; come here; come here; come here, come here; come here; come here..."
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Luchino Uliari
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1932
Died 1959
Miami, Florida, U.S.
Affiliation Tattaglia (formerly)
Title(s) Enforcer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ralph Peduto (voice)

Luchino Uliari was a soldato in the Mangano crime family.


A smooth-talking, suave individual, Uliari's ladies man facade hid a ladykiller's heart, and he was wanted for the deaths of several women back in Sicily. As such, he was not trusted entirely by Samuele Mangano.

During the war between Mangano and Dominic Corleone, Uliari was killed in a traffic 'accident' orchestrated by Dominic Corleone.

Behind the scenesEdit

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