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Luciano Fabbri
Biographical Information
Aliases Fat Man
Gender Male
Born 1894
Died 1950
Affiliation Cuneo
Title(s) Consigliere
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
"So you're the fat man."
"Walk away now, my men'll let you live.
Aldo Trapani and Luciano Fabbri[src]

Luciano Fabbri was the Cuneo family's consigliere who was often known as 'the Fat Man' due to both his girth and status in the family.


He was known to have a wide knowledge of inter-family squabbles, and in 1950, began plotting for a war against the Corleones, despite the peace made several years before. This would prove that he was one of the most cunning consiglieres in the game as well as a warfare-genius.

However, one morning, Fabbri made a stop at a hot-dog vendor whilst on his way to a meeting with Don Cuneo. At this point, the Corleone's enforcer, Aldo Trapani, executed Fabbri and his guards after taunting the consigliere. This hit was sanctioned by caporegime Peter Clemenza, who was known to have a hatred of Fabbri and his methods.

Fabbri's body was recovered and thrown into the East River. His demise soon became known to the Cuneo family, who, instead of calling off the attack, pressed it forwards and killed several Corleone soldiers.

Personality and traitsEdit

A master planner, and a "man with a belly" in the Old Sicilian tradition, Fabbri was a true Cuneo, vicious when crossed but otherwise a peaceful figure. When threatened by Aldo Trapani, he offered him a chance to walk away, though it is possible he was bluffing.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hit detailEdit

He is the one of the two last hits that the game would offer. His bounty is the same as Marco Cuneo's but gives less respect than Marco. His hit will be given by Clemenza right after Tessio's death.

The player may complete the Barzini hit list from Al Neri first before going against him.


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