Lucille Ballazzo
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Stacy Rae Klein (young)
Ramona Milano

Lucille Ballazzo was the daughter of Virginio and Sophia Ballazzo.



Young Ceil and Cross De Lena.

"I like ravioli. I don't like boys."
Lucille Ballazzo[src]

As an only daughter with two brothers, Lucille, or Ceil as she was nicknamed, was spoiled as a child. As a youth she had a crush on Cross De Lena, which he didn't realise to her outward hostility, and also disliked Cross' cousin Dante Clericuzio because of his violent nature.

Growing upEdit

"My Dad wanted me to come here, get to know my cousins a little better... You're not a cousin are you?"
"Thank God.
Cross De Lena and Lucille Ballazzo[src]

As she grew older, Lucille eventually became a successful businesswoman, running her own cosmetics store. At a Clericuzio family party she confessed her attraction to Cross and learned it was mutual. It was largely due to this, and his affection for her father, that Cross refused to assasinate Virginio for treachery soon after.

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