Lumpy's Bar
Business information
Location 57th Street and Broadway
Proprietor Angela Laurent
Proprietor Weakness Threatening With Firearms
Maximum Protection $2,245
Racket Boss Enrico Grosser
Racket Boss Weakness Threatening With Punches
Maximum Extortion $3,995
Venue Difficulty Medium
Racket Difficulty Hard
Family Cuneo.Corleone

In 1945 Angela Laurent and Enrico Grosser is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Lumpy's Bar is a bar located in Midtown.

A family bar, it had been passed through the generations to Angela Laurent in the Forties, who inherited her grandfather's old business contact Enrico Grosser, who used his connections in the Cuneo family to keep Angela's business safe in return for a cut of her profit.

This arrangement continued until the early 1945s, when Aldo Trapani took over the bar.